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Students are Speeking Out!

And it’s about time. Students are not stupid. They know they are being had. They know they are dedicating their time to meaningless balderdash, and they are starting to resent it. And they should. The truth is, that students have the power to change this insane policy if they work together to do so. Communicating that anger and frustration is the first step. Expect more of this.

On the other hand, I disagree with the opening premise of this video that knowledge like “pythagorean theorem” are useless because they are never used. I caution students that in learning these skills they are doing more than just adding to their mental utility. True, they can use things like formulas in the off chance that they need them, but what is being taught is not a formula, or a process, but a way of thinking. We teach this stuff not because we believe that our students are going to grow up to be, in my case, historians. We teach them to strengthen their minds and open doors for future learning. But overall, the message in this video is apt.

Why Playing For Change is one of the best things on the internet

Talented musicians from all over the world playing together to Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground. Great Stuff!

Tom Morello: The Night Watchman, “The Road I Must Travel”

Here’s a song from one of my favorites, Tom Morello.

Music Moment: Billy Bragg–Which Side Are You On

There are a lot of great songs out there that address issues of social justice. This song was shared with me by a friend and I was inspired to create a "Music Moment" category for the Mad Sociologist Blog. Thanks, Matt.